Crowdfunding Campaign!

Are you as excited as we are?

We’ve got some very exciting news for you all…

We’re gonna make an EP!

Elly’s been writing furiously over the past few months, Missy has been polishing off some unfinished songs, we have a bunch of shiny new arrangements of old tunes, and the stars have aligned so we will be in the same place long enough to record things properly. We’ve even lined up the amazing Andy Bell (UK) and Luke Plumb (Vic) to help us record and produce it.

But, we’re going to need all of you to help us out if we’re going to be able to pull it off!

To let you help us, we’re launching a crowdfunding campaign in the next week through Pozible. If you can pledge to support the EP while it’s being made, it will mean we’ll have the funds to make it, which means you’ll get to hear it in the first place! You can do this by preordering a digital or physical copy of the EP, or donating towards another of our awesome rewards.

The money from our initial goal of $1200 will go towards covering the bare costs of recording and a small print run. If we exceed our campaign goal, we’ll be able to expand the print run and distribution, increase the number of songs we can record, and maybe even do a small release tour or cover some of our flight and travel costs. Basically, we have big plans. We’ve started small and achievable… but your generosity could help us realise the biggest ones!

So, gird your wallets, get as excited as we are, and head over to The Grenadiers’ Facebook for more regular updates and Pozible to pledge to our campaign!!!


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