First Funding Goal Reached!!!

It’s with great excitement that we can release our next funding goal – because we’ve reached the first one! Read below for more of our plans.

  • Initial Fundraising Target – $1200 – ACHIEVED!  – We’ve covered at least 3 days of recording for the EP, and a small pressing. The EP will be available in a limited run of physical CDs, and for purchase as a download.
  • Second Fundraising Goal – $1500. If we meet this goal, we’ll use the extra funds for another day in the studio.
  • Third Fundraising Goal – $2000. If we meet this goal, we’ll use the extra funds to expand printing and distribution so we’ll have more physical copies to sell at festivals and gigs, and it will be easier for other people to find our music.
  • Fourth Fundraising Goal – $3500. If we exceed our initial goal by a lot, we can use the extra-extra-extra funds to pay for more studio time and produce a full album (which means even more bang for your musical buck). We’ll still use some of the extra funds to expand the print run so there can be more CDs available to distribute.

If we start heading into wildest dreams territory, then may be we can even do a small tour, get to some extra festivals, or help cover flights and fuel to get to these things. Heck, we could even make a film clip or something! We’ll try not to think about it too much unless we start getting there – we’re focussing on realistic and attainable goals for now.

In terms of timeframe, we’ll do some recording in June 2017, some further recording/fixing/mastering in November 2017, with design work taking place between these two recording stints and production/printing after November. We are hoping to have the EP ready to release in January 2018, and mailouts of rewards by February 2018.

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