Things are Happening!

Last time I wrote, I said there were some album updates coming soon, and they were definitely on their way, but life kinda got in the way – uni exams and essays, jobs, appearances at Mullumbimby Folk Festival, Black Gully Music Festival & Dorrigo Folk & Bluegrass Festival, supporting Martin Pearson and playing alongside John Broomhall! If you were chasing regular updates, Facebook was definitely the way to go. Sorry.

But in the meantime… Our EP is ready!

There’s been plenty of tears, sweat, all-nighters, PhotoShop crashes, computer reboots, frantic phone calls, and even some actual bloodshed, but it’s all come together and we’re incredibly excited. And proud. And EXCITED!

The official release date is Friday December 1st, and we’re holding a “virtual launch party” that night to celebrate the digital drop. You can RSVP here if you want to get in on the action, ask us questions about our travels, music or the making of the CD, and listen through the whole EP for free (for the duration of the party).

Then, we’re kicking off on a tour of the east coast of Australia to share our baby with the world. We start in Nambour on QLD’s Sunshine Coast and head all the way to Melbourne via Brisbane, Bellingen, Sydney, the Blue Mountains, Canberra and a few little places in between, and then back over east to Bulli for the Illawarra Folk Festival. We’re being joined on stage at different places by some great musical friends and mentors who helped make us who we are today. We’ll have our shiny new EPs plus a limited run of lovingly hand-screen-printed t-shirts (on fairtrade cotton tees, in TWO whole designs) if you want to wear your love of folk new and old on your sleeve!

We’ll be doing some ABC Local Radio interviews along the way, visiting with friends and local cheese factories, busking here and there, and stopping at the National Library in Canberra for a little research time (almost as exciting as the EP – we are folk nerds, after all), so if you want to see us in your town, shoot us a message and we’ll do our best to swing by.

See you down the road. – Missy & Elly x

Shareable Tour Dates Poster (for social media)

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