We just made an EP!

And we toured the east coast of Australia to launch it in December 2017 and January 2018. See future concert dates here, follow us for updates on our Facebook page, or contact us here if you want to see us in your town.

And we changed our name…

From The Grenadiers to Red Grenadier. Why? Google doesn’t understand articles, which was causing a little too much confusion between us and Grenadiers, the SA punk band. We’re still in the process of changing names so don’t be too worried if you send (or receive!) something via the wrong email address or whatever, as we’ve connected all the old versions to the new ones during the changeover period.


Harmonies. Resonant voices.
Fiddles. Guitar.
Familiar. Foreign.

Elly and Missy are children of the folk world, following their adopted music around the festivals. They appear together by festival fireside or bar with ethereal songs – rounds from distant lands and languages, folksongs from the old tradition, and fresh observations on the nature of the world.

To discover more about Red Grenadier, their music, or find their next performance, explore below.

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