Red Grenadier are young Australian folk duo Elly Arran and Missy Jones. Officially formed in 2016 under moniker The Grenadiers, they spent years singing together before realising that it was harder to avoid each other than it was to surrender to the mesmerising pull of voices joined in harmony. Repeated incidents – such as being offered gigs after being overheard in the street – resolved them to make their musical friendship official. And so, here they are: Red Grenadier.

If Missy and Elly seem familiar, it’s for a reason. They’ve been following the Australian folk festival circuit since they were wee folkthings. Ever keen to expand their repertoire, they’ve been regular participants in the old Celtic Southern Cross Music Camp, the Ethno Australia music exchanges, the Folkaphonic Youth Orchestra (even featuring as soloists), the Maleny Celtic Winterschool, and of course, the famous Nash Session Bar. Having honed their performances at festival blackboards, open mics, and midnight firesides, they still love singing best in resonant spaces – under vaulted bridges, in tiled bathrooms, and the Woodford Folk Festival corrugated iron shower blocks.

As well as drawing on the folk traditions they love so dearly, both are surprisingly insightful songwriters for their years. Elly writes original songs marked by captivating melodies and incisive observations about friendships, love, and caring for yourself. As a counterpoint, Missy’s songwriting is steeped in the traditions of Britain and Ireland, but with a distinct Australian twist.

Red Grenadier have supported renowned English folk-singer Martyn Wyndham-Read, John Broomhall and Martin Pearson, as well as appearing at Illawarra Folk Festival, Woodford Folk Festival, Newstead Live! Music Festival, Mullumbimby Music Festival and Dorrigo Folk & Bluegrass Festival during their recent EP launch tour. Their performances have been remarked upon as being “mesmerising,” “magical,” and “full of joy for music.” Audiences can expect music that is chilling, gentle, poignant and lively by turn – you’ll want to listen again and again.

A Final Note…

As a “new” band, Red Grenadier are keen to get out and keep performing – so if you like our sound, act on it. We have a wide range of music suitable for weddings, house concerts and tour supports, are professional and reliable, besides which, what could be better than supporting new and original music?

Elly Arran is based in The Blue Mountains Australia and Missy Jones is based in Glasgow in sunny Scotland, they are available for solo performances in these areas. To find out more check out their personal pages below.

Elly Arran           Missy Jones